No Gym, No Worries: Favorite Workout Apps


Hey girlies! Today I am sharing some of my favorite workout apps that have helped me stay active during college. At college, I am super busy and I hardly have time to make it to the gym. I still would like to get a workout in without going to the gym, and these apps have helped me with this. There are four apps that I love, and they each last 7 minutes with a variety of exercises. These apps cover everything: abs, arms, legs, cardio, and even fat! I roll out my yoga mat and get right to work in my dorm room! You can do multiple cycles, or just one cycle, so its up to you how long you want to go past 7 minutes. You get to choose what kind of workout you would like to do, and then it brings you to a series of videos to watch, and workout along with. I really enjoy the video feature because I always know how to do the move and the right form that goes with it. These apps are FREE so go download them now! 

My favorite workouts from these apps are the 7 minute ab workout and the 7 minute sweat workout. Just 7 minutes will get me sweating, so you WILL feel the burn! I like combining the ab and sweat workout because it’s a great way to burn off that stubborn stomache fat! You don’t need to dedicate a lot of time to workout to achieve your goals. Just stay consistent and do at least one of the 7 minute workouts a day to achieve that spring break body. Once you get stronger you can even go up to 14 minutes. Also remember that eating healthy is big part of achieving your fitness goals as well. If you start now and stay consistent you will have that spring/summer body you’ve always wanted! Both Alexis and I are starting to workout more consistently, so we are right there with you. We got this Guys! 

For our college girlies, a few cute things you can get for your dorm room to make it a little more fitness-ready is a yoga mat and a speaker to play your music! Working out is always better with music. You can get cute yoga mats from TJ Max. If you really want to go the extra mile with your fitness you can get small weights, medicine balls, and leg bands from Amazon for a great price! These are easy to make room for in your dorm as well. 


What other workout apps do you guys like to use? Let me know in the comments below!

love, Kira 

Simple Ways To Stay Healthy & Happy In College

Hey Loves! Hope you guys have been reaching or still working toward your fitness & health goals for 2018. I know I have been working toward my goals, and I wanted to share with you guys how I do that as a college student. College students can get so caught up with school work, clubs, and social life that we forget about our health. I still keep up with my school work and such, but I do make time for fitness and health. I have a few simple tips for you that help keep me healthy and happy while at college!

-Drink Water 


I know this isn’t any surprising news for you guys! Everybody says to drink water, but it really is so good for you. In college you can easily get distracted and forget about drinking water or load yourself up with caffeine to help you stay awake. This semester I have made sure to remember to drink water and cut back on caffeine. I have a cute water bottle I bring with me to class or wherever I’m going, and I drink about 4 bottles of this. I’m well hydrated, feel so much healthier, and less tired. I also have seen an improvement in my hair, skin, and nails. I also know so many other people who say they feel so much healthier when they are drinking enough water. Cutting back on caffeine has also improved my overall health. I’m not as bloated all the time and I feel better in general. I only drink about 1-2 cups of coffee a day, and I rarely ever drink soda. Making sure I get enough sleep and drinking lots of water keeps me plenty energized!

-Reach For Healthier Food


I’m a freshman on a meal plan that is through the university, and to be honest the food is not always healthy. However, there are healthier options you can look out for. For breakfast I never go to the dining hall or use my card I always make my own breakfast. I either have oatmeal, toast, or Greek yogurt. These are easy and healthy things to keep in my dorm! For lunch I usually get a salad, we have a place on campus that you can swipe for a meal and take it on the go, which is perfect for my busy lifestyle. I switch out between the caesar salad and the greek salad, because I have balsamic vinaigrette with the greek salad. balsamic vinaigrette is way less fattening than the caesar dressing! For dinner I meal trade at a salad place, a burrito bowl place, or Chick-fil a usually. Dinner is probably my most unhealthy meal, but still not the worst option. I try to eat whole and real nutritious food consistently, this is key to feeling healthy! Some things I like to keep in my dorm to snack are apples, bark-thins, cashews, and carrots. I know those are random but I really do enjoy snacking on them.  

-Workout And Get A Accountability Buddy  


My friend Juliann loves working out, and she is so motivating when it comes to fitness. One of my goals for 2018 was to be way more active and tone my body. Juliann has been holding me accountable for my goal, and she is always coming to work out with me! Working out is also a great way to keep you happy. It may suck during the workout but you will be so much happier after and feel so accomplished. Julian and I like to go to fitness classes most of the time, but some days we just workout at the gym. We make sure to do cardio, legs, arms, and abb circuits. Creating a schedule to work out has also been super beneficial for me. It keeps me organized and motivates me stay on top of my school work, so I can have time to work out! 

-Get A Fitness Tracker  

Having a fitness tracker whether it be a watch or an app is a great way to see how active you are. I wear my Fitbit 2, and for the most part it is pretty accurate. I like knowing how many steps I take in day, but I love getting information on my workouts. I can check to see if I got my heart rate up, how long I workouted for, how much fat I burned, etc. A fitness tracker can also motivate you to get more fit, since you can see how you improved over time if you are always aware of you fitness levels.  

Make sure to keep working toward your fitness and health goals this year! And it’s never to late to add on new goals for yourself. 

love, Alexis 



Star Sweater

Hey girls, so this past weekend I went to downtown Fayetteville with my friends and I wore my favorite star sweater. Stars have been a big trend recently and personally I am a huge fan of them. I got a ton of compliments on my sweater and my outfit, so I wanted to share with you what I wore! This outfit is super cute and perfect for the colder months. I like to wear it when I’m going out to lunch or just hanging out with friends like I did this past weekend. 


-My star sweater is from my favorite home-town boutique called Luxxe, It is located in downtown Lee’s Summit, MO. A good amount of my wardrobe is from there!  

-For jeans I wore black American eagle jeans to match the black stars.  

-For shoes I wore my Sperry booties to match my tan stars. 

-For accessories I wore my Alex and Ani bracelet and these adorable earrings from Francescas to add some color to the outfit!


I hope you guys enjoyed this outfit as much as I did!   

Love, Alexis  

College Everyday Makeup & Hair + OOTD

Hey loves! So i’m back in my college day to day routine, and for class I pretty much do the same makeup and hair look. I wanted to share with guys what I’ve been doing for my makeup and hair because It’s a super easy way to look nice for class or whatever you are doing throughout the day.  I also added in my outfit of the day! This outfit is casual but super cute which is perfect for class. I wore it to my Friday class and to Chicken Finger Friday at my sorority house! 


For my hair I were it straight and try to get it to look as smooth as possible. To get my smooth straight hair I blow dry it and then straighten a few pieces. Before I blow dry my hair I put in my Aussie leave in hair conditioner and my Aveda brilliant spray-on shine. The Aveda brilliant spray-on shine is a life saver, It makes any frizz go away and gives my hair a shiny/smooth look. I always tell a difference in my hair when I use this product!  




For my face I used It CC Cream to even out my skin and then used It bye bye under-eye conceal to brighten up my eyes and hide any problem areas. I used my Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer to bronze my face, I put it on my forehead, cheeks, nose, and neck. For blush I used my Laura Geller blush in the color Pink Grapefruit this is my favorite part of the look, I love the color this brings to my face! Laura Geller always has great blush colors that I really enjoy. I used my what’s up highlighter by benefit on the top of my cheek bone, lol I don’t know how to describe the area but it’s where everybody applies highlighter. I used my naked 2 basics eyeshadow to add some color to my lid, and then went in with mascara to bring out my eyes. To add color to my lips I added some lip gloss by bare minerals. Like I said super simple but great for an everyday look. 



for my outfit of the day I wore my sorority philanthropy shirt! I paired it with this adorable cardigan that I got from Francescas. For jeans I wore my light wash American eagle jeans. I finished the outfit off with my grey sneakers that I got from Macy’s. For accessories I wore my red Kendra Scott necklace to add a pop of color and my Kate spade necklace and Kate spade earrings. I love my Kate spade necklace I feel so cute and classy when I’m wearing it. I really enjoy this outfit because it shows how you can make something so causal like a sorority t-short into a very cute and fun outfit! 

Hope you all enjoyed this post! I have plans to start bringing more fashion posts to the blog so get excited!!:)   Love, Alexis 

Hope you all enjoyed this post! I have plans to start bringing more fashion posts to the blog so get excited!!:)  

Love, Alexis 

December Favorites

December is quickly coming to an end and we wanted to share with you what products we have been loving this month. We have a different variety from hair products to skin-care prodcuts! Just down below is where you will find out why we have been loving these products. 


Kira’s 3 december favorites are: 

1.  TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shine Serum

This is my favorite serum to use on my damp hair when I know I’m going to use heat on it. It makes my hair super smooth and even adds a little shine, as well as protects it from the heat.  


2.  Burt's Bees Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream

I have been using this facewash for only a little while and it has really seemed to clear up my complexion. It always leaves my face feeling so clean and clear. 

3. WINTER CANDY APPLE Super Soft Body Butter

Lastly, I picked this body butter up from Bath and Body Works and it is my favorite thing EVER!! I hate when lotion leaves my hands feeling greasy but this doesn’t! It goes on skin so smoth and is perfect for the cold and dry winter months!  

Alexis' 3 December favorites are:

1. L’Oréal Lumi Foundation   

I have been using this for a couple months now and I love it! It’s a super cheap foundation that looks great and doesn’t feel to heavy. It helps make my face look way more alive and healthy. This is a great foundation to have in college for all events. 

2. Nars eyeshadow  

I love this eyeshadow and it applies great. I get a ton of compliments when I were this color. 

3. Mario Badescu drying lotion

I don’t really have problems with acne, but sometimes I do get small pimples when I sweat a lot from workouts. I apply this on my problem areas before I go to bed and they are gone in the morning or greatly reduced in size to were you really can’t see the pimple at all, It’s like magic!!!! 


XOX, Kira and Alexis