Quick and Easy 12 minute workout!

Hey guys! Sorry I couldn't get time to put up a post yesterday, but I made sure to get a post up today. I'm gradually starting to feel better, and I think I will have my cold conquered by the end of the week. Since I stated feeling better I wanted to do a quick and easy workout just to ease my body back into working out. My goal is to start working out everyday and to get stronger. This is a very simple and easy workout. My workouts will get harder as I continue to go through this health journey. I'm super excited to get back to training and hope you guys get inspired as well!

Here is my 12 minute workout: 

-Standing squats (one minute) 

-Curtsy lunges (one minute) 

-Lunges (one minute) 

-Standing Squats with 3 pulses every other one (one minute) 

-Crunches (one minute)

-Toe Touches (one minute) 

-Leg raises (one minute) 

-Penguins (one minute) 

-Crossover crunch (one minute) 

-Toe Touches (one minute) 

-Calf raises (one minute) 

-Plank (one minute) 

I put on some Carrie Underwood for this workout! Church Bells, Dirty Laundry, and Cowboy Casanova are great songs to get to push you through a workout.

Now here is a photo of me smiling lol. I'm just so happy to be working out again!  


Love, Alexis  

My cup of tea

Hey guys! So today I originally had planned to post a Sunday morning routine that had a healthy breakfast and morning workout routine in it to start off my new health journey series with you guys. But sadly I woke up still feeling sick, and on top of that I had gotten pink eye! Since I would be driving back down to college later in the day I went to the doctor early in the morning to have my eye checked out. I now have some eye drops, and my eye is starting to look better. We will just have to save my Sunday morning routine for another time when i'm not so sick and do not have pink eye. I still wanted to post something for you guys since I said I would be doing daily blog posts, so I decided to talk about some of my favorite tea at the moment. There are so many kinds of tea out there that help will all different things health wise and I really do see health benefits from the tea that I drink. I have three kinds of tea that I'm loving currently! 

The first kind of tea being good old green tea. I drink green tea almost everyday in the morning or at night. From drinking green tea I have seen an improvement in my skin, as well with an improvement in slimming down my lower belly fat. Drinking this tea will also help with building my immune system back up and keeping me well hydrated. Drinking green tea later in the day is a great way to avoid coffee for me as well. If I drink coffee to late in the day it disrupts my sleeping pattern, and I'm really trying to get a healthy sleeping pattern down! 

The second tea that I am currently loving is my breathe deep tea. This tea is awesome to drink before you go to bed if you have a cold or are congested. I can breath so much better after drinking this tea, and it is so soothing on my throat. I get a way better sleep when I drink this tea at night when I'm congested or have a cold, plus the taste is amazing. 

The third tea is my probiotic balance tea. I like to drink this tea 2-3 times a week to help with digestion health. The tea is super tasty and helps keeps my digestion on tract! 

I'm super sad that I couldn't do my original post, but i'm glad I could provide you guys with my healthy tea post for the moment. 

Love, Alexis


Yummy breakfast recipe & exciting news

Hey guys today I'm sharing with you my current smoothie/acaí bowl recipe that I use to make a delicious breakfast! Before we dive into the recipe I have some exciting news to share with you guys. I recently got super sick with a cold, and this was the second time that I had gotten sick during college. I quickly realized how my health had taken a toll for the worst. I wasn't being super unhealthy at college but I was far from my best health. Feeling basically miserable in my dorm I made a decision that it was time for a major change. I'm going to focus on getting back to my best health. This is going to be an exciting journey, and I will be doing some things out of my comfort zone. I want to take you guys with me on this journey to help inspire you guys. I will try my best to do daily blog posts over what I'm doing or trying out. I'm super excited for this and hope you guys are too. Now let's get into the recipe! 

To make this smoothie bowl you will need:

• 1 Sambazon acaí frozen bar

• 1 cup of mixed frozen berries

• 1/2 frozen banana 

• 1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk


I put these ingrediants into my food processor and blend it up until I get a smooth thick consistency. I then put the mix into a bowl and add toppings!

I love the taste of this smoothie bowl, and it's perfect for the morning time. This is also super healthy for you. I hope you guys try this recipe out! 

Love, Alexis  


Skin-care routine

Hello my loves! Today i'm sharing with you my current skin-care routine. I have really upped my game in skin care lately, and already i'm seeing amazing results. I've always had pretty clear skin, so acne isn't really a problem for me. Sometimes I do get really dry and dull skin. My skin-care routine helps keep my skin moisturized and bright. Now lets get into the products I use and why. 

To wash my face I use the alba Botanica hawaiian detox cleanser. I use this to wash my face because it really cleanses my skin, and leaves this refreshing feeling to my face. This leaves my face with a bright and alive look since it is a detox cleanser. This face-wash is also earth friendly, uses vegetarian ingredients, and does not test on animals! 

To moisturize my face I use my First Aid Beauty face moisturizer. I do not have this moisturizer pictured, but I will have it pictured in another post coming up this week! This moisturizer is amazing, I haven't had any dry skin problems since I started using it. 

To remove my make-up I use my Garnier Skinactive Miceller Cleansing Water. I always remove my makeup before I wash my face so I can get a better cleanse. I also use this in the morning when I first wake up, it wakes up and brightens my skin. This is seriously my favorite makeup remover and it does not dry out my skin at all! I can't rave enough about this stuff, I just love using it so much! 

Now Once or Twice a week I like to use Blackhead pore strips on my nose to really help clean out my pores. The pore strips I'm using right now are the Formula 10.06 Down to the pore strips, and they do a pretty good job! I dont have bad blackheads so they work for me, but when I did tend to have bad blackheads I used the Biore Pore strips and I found those to work a lot better. 

Face-masks are also something I like to incorporate into my skin-care routine once or twice a week. I do not have a particular face-mask I use that I love, I usually just buy the individual packets and try them out! Just buying the individual packets works for me, and seems to help keep my skin bright and moisturized. I would recommend using the masks once a week consistently to get the best results. 

These are the products I use, and I hope you guys try them out! I love this routine that i'm currently in and it really does help my skin. I just wanted to remind you guys that although I love my products and find them very helpful to my skin, my skin would not be where it is if I didnt keep hydrated and healthy. If you trulely want your best skin you will need to drink water and eat healthy. 

Love, Alexis.


No more chapped winter lips

The cold dry season is approaching which means my lips will start to become chapped. I know a lot of girls who struggle with chapped lips in the winter, and are always trying to keep them moisturized. I luckily have conquered a routine that keeps my lips nice and smooth all winter! This routine is all thanks to my Jack Black lip balm and Jack Black chap stick. Jack Black products are amazing and have really helped out my lips. I apply the lip balm every morning, night, and before I do my makeup. I take the chap stick with me when I'm on the go, but I really do not need to use it that often since the balm holds my lips over! 

Another step I incorporate in my lip routine is exfoliating my lips 2 times a week! This gets the dead skin off and smooths out my lips. They look way more appealing when I keep up with my exfoliation! I make my exfoliation myself with cocunot oil and brown sugar.

I hope you give Jack Black a try and keep your lips nice and smooth this winter! 

love, Alexis.  


Gameday Make-up

Today I'm sharing with you guys what makeup products I use for gameday! I like to give my face a more bronzed look while bringing out my eyes. Here are the products I used to achieve this look:

-L'Oréal lumi foundation (one of my favorite foundations) 

-IT undereye conceal (this stuff is the best I highly reccomend for dark undereyes)  

-Too Faced CoCo bronzer (this is what gives me my bronzy glow look, it applies really nice and smells amazing)  

-Benefit Galifornia blush  

-Naked basic 2 eyeshadow palette  

-L'Oréal voluminous superstar mascara 


I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I plan to do another post like this soon! 

Love, Alexis  


Dorm oatmeal recipe

Freshman 15 doesn't have to happen to you! There are many ways to eat healthy in college and avoid those unhealthy temptations. I must admit that I got pretty unhealthy during my first couple months on campus and quickly saw a difference. My energy levels were off and my body didn't feel or look as healthy. I'm getting back on track with my health and I'm already seeing a positive difference. Having breakfast is super important, at first I wasn't eating breakfast at all. I make it a goal to have breakfast almost every day of the week! Two to three times a week I like to make this super yummy oatmeal recipe. This is a great healthy breakfast option to have and I hope you guys try it out. 

All you have to do to make this oatmeal is cook up your favorite oatmeal in the microwave, I usually get plain oats to keep the sugar low. Since I do get plain oats I chopped up an apple into little slices, put a spoon full of peanut butter on top of the oats, and added a handful of almonds to flavor it up. I stirred all the ingredients up and enjoyed! 


College Dorm Apple Cider

Apple Cider is my favorite drink during the fall/colder seasons, and I made a goal to find a way to drink it in my dorm. I happened to find Apple Cider Kureg cups! I have never had these before so I was a little nervous, but they turned out great. It is super easy to make and the little cups are storage friendly. One thing I would recommend when making this apple cider is to use around 11 to 10 ounces of water because any less might lead to the cider tasting a bit strong. Overall I thought it tasted great and i'm so happy I found these cups to fulfill my apple cider needs. 

One of my favorite times do drink apple cider is at night time when i'm winding down. I like to drink it when i'm reading a book or writing in my journal. it really relaxes me and gets me ready for bed. It's for sure a me time which is super important to have during college because it can get so hectic!  


College pantry

Hey friends! I wanted to share with you guys what I keep in my college pantry, since food shopping for college can be tricky and I also have some great healthy options!

In the front you will see that I have some green tea packets which are great in the morning time or at night. Green tea is also a nice healthy switch from water, if you get bored of water easily.

In my teel/silver container you will see that I have: 

  • Fig Newton bars 
  • Lara-bars 
  • sunchips 
  • Boom Chikca Pop 
  • Skinny pop 

These snacks are perfect for on the go or while studying. 

In my completely teel container you will see that I have:

  • Apples 
  • Bananas 
  • Lemons 
  • Peanut butter 
  • Oatmeal 

These are definitely some of my healthiest options. I like to get apples and bananas since they stay fresh for a good amount of time. Apple slices and peanut butter is my all time favorite snack, but I also enjoy putting apple slices, banana slices, and peanut butter in my oatmeal to flavor it up!

In the back of you will see that I have more peanut butter packets, dark chocolate almonds, and almonds. Almonds are great source of protein and help keep me energized. 

Hope my college viewers got some tips from this post!

Love, Alexis.


Simple Science Juices: Review

Simple Science Juices in KC was another place I tried out while back home for fall break. I've been wanting to get into drinking Juices and smoothies more often, but that is a hard habit to do while in college. I thought being back home would be the perfect opportunity to try out some and see if I liked it or not! I decided to try out Simple Science Juices since they use raw, organic, and local fruits and veggies. They have a pretty good selection of Juices and I got to sample most of them. The staff was super friendly and helpful with letting me try samples and deciding which ones I liked best. I bought a package of six juices because you get five percent off when you buy six, and my mom wanted to try out three Juices as well. My favorite was the compound juice that I have pictured, it was definitely one of the best tasting ones and if you drink it over a period of time it can improve your hair, nails, and skin. The compound juice also has great anti oxidants, since it is made from pineapple and oranges! Another really popular one is the anti inflammatory juice, which isn't quite as tasty but has awesome ingredients and really does help with inflammatory issues. They also had a few green based juices, which were pretty good and contain great ingredients as well. I really enoyed the juices and want to buy more when im back in kc. I think my plan is to drink them in the morning or while on the go. This is a great way to get nutritious ingredients that I wouldn't get normally, and I really recommend trying to get juices into your diet on a more daily basis to really see the benefits. 


Saturday Coffee


To start of my fall break, my mom and I decided to go to a coffee shop Saturday morning. We tried out Monarchs Coffee in downtown Kansas City, MO. We both got a vanilla latte to sip on and enjoy. The place itself was super nice and the staff was friendly. 

We took this time to catch up, since I have been away at college. It was a great way to start off my morning, I really recommend coffee dates with your mom. This coffee trip made me realize how much I miss my coffee shop time. At college I usually just get Starbucks to go, so I really appreciate it when I have time to sit down and enjoy my coffee. If you are ever in Downtown KC you should stop by Monarchs and enjoy!  








Pumpkin patch

My sorority sisters and I got to go to the pumpkin patch this past Monday, and it got me so excited for fall! I love fall for so many reasons and can't wait to work on more fall posts for you guys! 

Going to the pumpkin patch is a great thing to do during the fall and a great place to get photos. My favorite part is the pumpkins and I thought these white pumpkins were so pretty!  

The pumpkin patch is also fun to dress up for. My outfit consisted of a green sweater, blue jeans, and my favorite booties that I also wore to the Dallas game. I wore my fringe earrings for an accessory. I got a ton of compliments on my outfit, and hope to bring you guys more fall outfit ideas and posts! 


Rock on my friends


My sorority had a function this Thursday and the theme was rock n ride. I decided to wear this dark grey washed Metallica shirt from target with my light pink skirt. I did a darker eye shadow look and wore red lip stick, which is the first time I've ever done a makeup look like that and I loved it! I will soon tell you guys what matte red lip stick I wore in another post:). My accessory was a simple black choker. 

I kept my look pretty simple and cute since we were rolling skating, lol you gotta be somewhat comfy when you're roller skating! And don't be afraid to wear high socks! I got a ton of complements on mine and had no blisters on the back of my ankles!!! 

I had a great time and hope you guys enjoyed this simple rocker look. 



This past weekend I went to Dallas for the annual Arkansas vs. Texas A&M game. I love dressing up for gameday and wanted to share my outfit with you guys! I wore a cute bright red blouse with a jean skirt and booties. Blouses are great for game day because they are super light weight but very cute. The booties were my favorites part, they went really well with the outfit. I hope to share with you guys more outfits soon!