5 Healthy Habits That Changed My Life

Looking for a healthy change? Most of us would just run to the newest diet trend and workout routine to just give it up after a couple weeks. Being healthy isn't easy, you cant just rush into it, you have to find what works for you and what you enjoy the most. I have 5 healthy habits I follow to keep me on track for a healthy lifestyle. They are super simple, but have a big impact on your health. 

1. Lemon Water In The Morning

Right when I wake up I head down to the kitchen and make me some lemon water to drink while I get ready for school. I used to make coffee, but once I made the change to lemon water I couldn't give it up. I automatically feel so refreshed and awake! It helps with much needed hydration from going so long without water while sleeping. Drinking lemon water also sets me mentally on pace to eat healthy for the rest of the day, since I started with something healthy right when I woke up. 

2. Getting Outside 

Whenever it's nice out I try and get outside as much as I can. Getting sunlight has so many benefits. For me personally it just puts me in a positive mood and motivates me to get active. You can go on a bike ride, a walk, a run, or even go to a park with a friend. Using the outdoors to get active is a nice change from the gym, and it keeps things more interesting. 

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3. Getting Up Early 

Waking up can be hard but it has its benefits! If I sleep in I feel so sluggish and become so unmotivated to eat healthy or workout. Consistency is so important when it comes to health. Do yourself a favor and wake up early so there are no excuses to not follow through with your daily goals. 

4. Getting Plenty Of Sleep

Having a bomb workout or having a bomb day in general will not stay consistent throughout the week if you don't let your body recover! Recovery is so important, as long as you allow your body to recover you will have plenty of energy the next day to keep going. So go ahead light a candle, relax, and recover!

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5. Green Smoothies 

I try and get in green smoothies as much as I can to provide the nutrients my body needs. Healthy nutrients helps you feel so much better and energized. If I'm putting the right nutrients in my body I know I can perform my best, and confidence is key when it comes to exercising and staying healthy. If you believe in yourself you will keep going and soon enough start seeing the benefits. 

xoxo Alexis