Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy

Sunny and Sapphire is bringing you a new health series that involves Kira and I's fitness journey. Health and fitness plays a big role in both of our lives and we want to improve it and inspire others to live a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Getting healthy can be very hard, but it is so rewarding! Kira and I want to share tips, workouts, and healthy recipes with you to keep you motivated and to also challenge us to be healthier. We don't follow any extreme diet; we just like to eat healthy, nutritious foods. We also don't go to the gym everyday because that can get boring. Instead, we challenge ourselves with different and fun ways to workout and hope that we can inspire you to do so too!

 Being fit, being healthy, and being happy can be easier than you think and more enjoyable than you would have ever thought. Stay tuned for tips and tricks we will have a post for this series once a week!

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xox Kira & Alexis