Must-Have Mascaras


Hey there!

This week, Alexis and I are sharing our favorite mascaras that help us complete our make up look.

Alexis tried out the Benefit Roller Lash and loved it. The applicator is not big or bulky, so you don't get random globs of mascara everywhere. It separates my eyelashes without clumping and lasts all day. It is a little costly if you are use to drugstore priced mascaras but totally worth your buck, and does last a long time, since you don't have to use a ton of mascara to get those long looking lashes! 


I tried out the Maybelline water proof mascara. It's a good alternative to the mascara above if you are on a budget. I have been using this mascara for a while and I absolutely love it! It hardly ever clumps and goes on smooth. I uses multiple layers to get my lashes big and flirty. Another perk is that it is, of course, water proof!


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xox Kira and Alexis