You Gotta Try This Bread

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I've been making some new diet changes and one of them is switching to Ezekiel 4:9 bread. The reason I switched is because it's a no flour complete protein bread. The bread is made from sprouted whole grain which contains complete protein. It is also all natural and contains no preservatives. It's my ultimate no regret bread because I know I'm putting good things into my body!

If you are use to flour bread switching to this bread will be a bit of a change for you, but its not bad tasting at all, just not the same flour consistency. I like to toast mine and top it with peanut butter for a morning toast. 

I also tried out the Silk almond dairy free vanilla yogurt. If you are trying to cut out dairy but love yogurt, then turn to silk yogurt alternative!

You can find this bread and yogurt at Sprouts. I hope you enjoyed learning about these new breakfast items and get to try them out for yourself! 

xox Alexis