KC Pet Project

This summer I decided I wanted to volunteer at the KC Pet Project.  I'm so glad I decided to volunteer and I'm honestly going to miss it while I'm away at college. I had such an amazing experience volunteering so I wanted to share it with you, and maybe inspire you guys to volunteer or even better, inspire Kansas City locals to volunteer at the KC Pet Project.

Before I get right in on what volunteer work I did and the memories I made, I wanted to give you guys some background on the KC Pet Project. It is a no kill animal shelter in Kansas City, and the 3rd largest open admission shelter in the United States to achieve no kill status! So to sum it up they've been doing some pretty great things for the animals! 

Everyday was a new adventure. I remember the first day I volunteered we got a pig in and I thought that was so exciting, some days I even filled up the pig little water pool. The pig did get fostered out which made me really happy because it would have a lot more living space! The foster progam is one of the great things about the KC Pet Project. It gives the animals a more ideal environment to live in while they wait to be adopted out! 

Specific duties I did while volunteering was make doggy popsicles (you fill the the dogs stress toy with dog food and cover the top with peanut butter then freeze it). I also kennel calmed which is were you reward calm behaved dogs in their kennel by clicking your clicker and throwing in a dog treat! You eventually can work your way up to walking the dogs which is always fun and the dogs really appreciate it, more walk less bark! 

If you are more of a cat person you can volunteer and work with the cat and kittens, but I was more of a dog person so I stayed over with the dogs.   

I also liked doing garage work! I cleaned dishes and laundry some days when they needed the help.  

I had a wonderful time and the staff members were so friendly. I gained a new friendship with the animals and the staff!  

Now onto a more serious note. Even though I had a great time, the KC Pet Project also shows you a side to things that aren't so happy and great. Like I said earlier, it's an open admission shelter so we get animals who were neglected and abused, some even come in malnourished. Because some animals have had such a rough life they are very scared when they come in. We do our very best to fix all these issues, it's very rewarding to see dogs gain the nutrition they need and become more friendly with the staff. What the most rewarding thing to see I personally think is seeing an animal get adopted out to a loving family and home! 

Here is a link to the KC Pet Project website if you want to look into volunteering, adopting, donating or just want more information!  https://kcpetproject.org/ 


Hope you guys enjoyed this post! 

XOX Alexis